What MERV level furnace filter do you use?

Looking for some opinions on what MERV level furnace filters I should be using? It seems like the consensus on some of the forums I belong to is stick with MERV 4-8. On the other hand the Wirecutter’s furnace filter recommendation is this MERV 12 filter.

I’m not sure what is right. What level do you use?

I’ve never thought much about this. Think the one I have is a MERV 8, but that’s only because that’s what the previous filter was.

Also, going to change the topic to #recommendations. Questions is more for things with definitive answers like How can I use my iMac as a second monitor?

I’ve also always just replaced filters with the same model as the one that was in there. I do think it makes sense to use a lower-MERV furnace filter. It’s cheaper so you can replace them monthly or every other month.

Also, you could use the savings to purchase and run an air purifier like an Airmega 300.