$10 Off Knockaround Sunglasses with Promo Code

I’ve owned several pairs of Knockarounds’ Fort Knocks over the years. They make attractive, affordable sunglasses that you’ll love.

You won’t ever have to think twice about whether or not you should bring a $200 pair of sunglasses to the beach. The answer, of course, is no. Bring a cheap pair of polarized Knockarounds.

If you’re interested in a pair click the link below and provide your email. Knockaround will send you a $10 promo code to use on any pair of sunglasses.


If you decide to make a purchase, we’ll both get discounts off our next orders.

If you notice that the deal or promo code has expired, please add the expired tag to alert other members of the community. If there is a discount elsewhere feel free to comment and we’ll update this topic.