A new Google Nest camera which actually offers motion tracking (not just detection)

First time poster here. As far as I can tell, the IQ camera is the only one which was officially advertised to have motion tracking capabilities. It seems it’s nearly impossible to find an IQ camera or something similar from Google’s official product store now though. I contacted Google sales directly and the representative I got wasn’t much help. She didn’t even know the difference between motion detection and tracking. I’m seeing other cameras adding this feature, which I think is brilliant, but I want to go with Nest if I can. Does anybody have any info on this? Thanks!

Hmmm, I assume this for outdoor use? After doing a little digging I found this article from The Verge saying that the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor has been discontinued. It’s from January though and mentions that Google is releasing new cameras this year.

It doesn’t say it, but looking at the latest Nest Cam offering I am pretty confident that this camera does not move to track. The site doesn’t mention anything about it, the camera is battery powered and from this picture it looks like the connection is magnetic.

Maybe someone else here knows better though.

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One thought about motion tracking cameras—most these days are using pretty good wide angle lenses. It’s possible that the cameras are still able have the same field of vision that those that actually “track” people.

With that said, I don’t own a Nest Camera so I can’t speak for that product specifically.