Away Aluminum Carry-on in Steel

With several upcoming trips this year, I’m in the market for a carry-on bag. I have been considering carry-on luggage from Away. The aluminum versions are pricey, but I think they are absolutely gorgeous. And with Away’s Lifetime warranty, I might have to reconsider.

While doing research I stumbled upon this Aluminum Carry-on in Steel. It’s a limited edition color, but I absolutely love the look and figured it would be worth posting.

You can also follow this link. It should automatically add an Away promo code and we’ll both get $20 off our next order. The discount should be visible once you’re on the checkout page.


tbh the steel version feels bland and uninteresting for how expensive it is. It’s better than the rose gold one though. I find it gaudy. Then again rose gold just isn’t my style.

If you’re going to spend $400 or more on luggage, the aluminum one is timeless.

I’m just a person on the internet though. I’m sure both limited edition models will sell like crazy.

If anyone wants a quick review of Away—I purchased a white carry-on about two years ago. This was before they started manufacturing the aluminum ones.

Honestly, I love it. It’s exactly what I need and the “bigger” carry-on has come onboard every flight I’ve been on. No problems with security or boarding the plane. It’s also big enough were I don’t have to check a bag when traveling.

I’ve found the charger to be convenient. There’s not a lot of fiddling when you need power. Admittedly, you could probably get a more powerful battery if you just carried it separately.

The only downside is that when the luggage has get checked plane-side, it has come back with a lot of scuffs. If I was in the market for another bag, I’d probably get a color other than white.

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