Can I use a cutting board as a cheese board?

I’m planning to have some friends over for board games some time this week and was planning to put together a cheeseboard and some charcuterie. In the past I’ve just used the simple cutting board I have, but my girlfriend say I should get a real cheese board.

Are they not the same thing? Can I use a cutting board as a cheese board? If not, what’s the difference between a cheese board and a cutting board?

Of course you can use a cutting board as a cheese board! I’m not sure that there are any technical differences between a piece of wood being sold as a cheese board and one being sold as a cutting board. Your friends are going to be cutting cheese on that board, right?

Perhaps, your girlfriend just doesn’t like the look of your cutting board? Are you maintaining it properly?

You should never soak your cutting board (or any wooden utensils for that matter) or they will begin to warp and crack. Every few months you should also oil the board with a food-grade mineral oil. Something like this should do.

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For what it’s worth I also have used cutting and charcuterie boards interchangeably.

Although I could probably follow @christinel’s lead and occasionally oil the boards.

@Aero_Engineer I think Christine’s right here. I’ve never considered that there was a difference.

As for maintenance, Christine is right.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have just decided to get a newer board.