Cool Gifts for Guys (Under $20)

Being a product dork, I love all these newsletters with product suggestions. I subscribe to Uncrate, Cool Hunting, Valet and things of that nature. My favorite part of these are the product suggestions. They aren’t all great, but every now and then I find a gem.

I figured I’d start a thread posting some recent gems I found. I think they would make a cool gift for any guy and they’re all under $20.

If everyone likes this post style, I’ll keep updating it.

Whiskey Glasses 6-Piece Set Maybe you’ve been on the lookout for a decent set of cocktail glasses? This set of 6 glasses both look striking and have a decent weight to them.

Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash Basically, bougie Purell for the distinguished gentleman.

Mentha Vitamin Body Wash An invigorating mint-infused body wash. What’s not to love?

Walnut Wood Catchall Bowl Every guy needs a place to put his keys and spare change. It’s step one in becoming an organized Gentleman.

Kent Handmade Comb Set A must have. This Kent comb set includes a hair, beard and mustache comb. The teeth in every Kent comb are cut by hand.

Charcoal Clay Bath Bar Because everyone needs a black bar of soap. As a side note, I have no idea why black everything is a trend.

Isn’t this just a duplicate of the White Elephant thread from last year? Would this be better as a comment under that post?

I like the idea—and the gifts you picked out here—I just wonder if these are better suited as individual #finds. For example the MINIM Playing Cards that have been featured as a Find, could go here.

I suppose it’s fine as it’s own thread given the limited commentary on each product. I’d still encourage you to post in #finds, if you can elaborate on why you like these products a bit more.

Also, @alexw I don’t think this belongs in the White Elephant thread. Those are mostly gag gifts, while these are intended to be real gifts.