Eufy L70 - Mopping issues

Hi, I own a L70. It’s brand new so I tried for the first time to use the mop feature today but it isn’t working. I did the steps on the manual and the app but the water is not getting to the cloth. After reading their Q&A on the app, the solution is to wet the cloth first and then do the mopping but it doesn’t work either because I can’t tell if the water trace is from the L70 or from what I did. I also tried giving the order to the vacuum to only mop with the water deposit empty and it began without reporting any error. Does this means that there’s a sensor or something else malfunctioning? How can I fix it? Hope any of you can give me an idea or help me, thanks!

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I’m not entirely sure what is going on from the description here.

It sounds like the L70 is supposed to be automatically wetting the cloth to while mopping. After doing some research, you wetted the mop manually. Now you can’t tell if the robot is working correctly or not?

My initial thought was there must be an issue with the mechanism that wets the mop. After reading the part about the Q&A on their app, it makes me wonder if a sensor is failing to tell the robot how wet the mop is?

Also, how does this work since the question was synced from reddit? Will this comment sync back to reddit?

I don’t have it automated yet—entirely not sure that’s what I want to do. I will manually post your response in reddit so that the person asking the question knows.

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