Eureka Mignon Specialita: Absolutely Gorgeous, Clogs Frequently, Lid Breaks

This isn’t a full-review by any means, but I thought I’d leave a note about the Eureka Mignon Specialita coffee grinder. For some background, this is the grinder we’ve had at work for the past year.

The Eureka Mignon Specialita is a very expensive coffee grinder. It’s gorgeous—as a matter of fact all the Eureka grinders are. You’re in the ballpark of $600 to $800 for one of these machines. That’s why it’s so disappointing that we continue to have problems with this grinder.

The primary issue is that this grinder consistently clogs once a week. We’ve tried a lot to prevent it from happening. Initially we thought that our grind setting was too fine. Then that the grinder wasn’t running long enough for each grind. Then that the beans were potentially too oily.

On top of all of that the plastic used for the bin and top are pretty thin. Somebody dropped it on the floor and it cracked in half. Now it’s taped together.

It’s a bit frustrating that such a beautiful, costly grinder has so many issues.