First Impression: BalanceFrom Yoga Mat

I recently ordered this BalanceFrom Yoga Mat in blue.

Previously I got up every morning and went to the gym. Unfortunately, the gym in my building has been closed for about a month—so I haven’t really been getting much excersise other than walking the dog.

My girlfriend encouraged me to start doing yoga after work in the evenings. So far it has been great, but doing yoga on a concrete floor with a towel was not ideal. So I ordered a mat.

My girlfriend found this particular mat. It look comfortable and was affordable so I bought it. It also has these carrying straps that would probably come in handy if I was taking it to a class.

There are only a few downsides I can see:

  • The mat can slip a bit when quickly shifting weight
  • Rolled up it is about 6-inches in diameter

I’m happy with it after my first few sessions. If you really want something fancy, it is easy to spend $80 on a yoga mat. This thick, cheap mat seems fine to me though.

The mat is comfy, but the real test will be to see how it wears. Will it tear or fray in time?