First Impressions: Atoms Model 000

So I exchanged the pair of Black and White Atoms for an all-black pair. I thought that the black sole might age better than the white one. You can see photos of the white pair I sent back on the Allbirds vs Atoms discussion.

The shoes come in quarter sizes, which is pretty interesting. I wear between an 11 and a 12 depending on the brand—I’ve got a wide foot. After a few walks I can say the 11.25 is about the perfect size for me.

The construction of the shoes feels solid. Walking around in them they feel more durable than my pair of Allbirds. I will say they don’t have that airy, ultra-light feel though.

The treads on the bottom of the shoes are interesting. They contain a bunch of circles and the Atoms logo. The impressions are pretty deep. I wonder if these shoes will keep traction longer? After a year my Allbirds are almost completely bald. I slip all over the place.

Oh, did I mention Atoms sent me complementary pair of socks?

If you saw my Away Review you know that I care about packaging and presentation. I like the subtle logo and the large number indicating the size.

It’s memorable that the box is magnetic and splits open in the middle.

So what’s the verdict on the Atoms Model 000?

My first impression is that this is a solid pair of shoes—but I’m not in love with the color. The all-black isn’t quite my aesthetic. I kind of wish I kept the black and white model. Allbirds doesn’t offer an all-black pair of shoes. So if that’s what you’re looking for, this is a good option.

If you were looking for one pair of sneakers, I’d say that Atoms are a good choice. However, I think Allbirds are lighter and more comfortable for casual wear and the New Balance 574s are more durable and better suited for more athletics.


Atoms Model 000

A comfortable, durable sneaker

A newcomer to the sneaker space, Atoms is attempting to build the world's most comfortable shoe. The sneakers are incredibly durable and are available in quarter-sizes.