General Motors Watches You Listen To The Radio

General Motors Watches You Listen To The Radio

General Motors, for example, has announced it will now begin studying how drivers listen to the radio and other audio while behind the wheel. The automaker’s director of global digital transformation, Saejin Park, told the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) 2018 Data & Measurement Conference that its new data insights will be able to help advertisers craft better ads.

I saw the above post on Hacker News this morning and thought it might be relevant here. People pay tens of thousands of dollars for their vehicles—for may it is the most expensive asset they own. But do they really own it?

GM researchers are able to know if the ad was listened to all the way to the end, or if the driver switched the station mid-pitch. The data is even segmented by vehicles and brands, which allowed GM to build psychological profiles of drivers.


Unfortunately this is not surprising at all. This falls in line with our discussion about robot vacuums. Connected devices with most of the connectivity value going to the company.

It’s interesting because most car companies have fiercely fought to keep Apple and Google at Bay while they implement their own subpar solutions.

Although I do think there is some value in connectivity here. Map updates and traffic alerts for example. It seems that Bluetooth sync via phone would be the right way to do that .