Good Wireless Headphones for My Dad?

My dad is in his late 60s. About 6 or 7 years ago he was looking to replace a pair of AM/FM headphones. He noticed that the Sony headphones he liked were getting harder and harder to find. When he found the pair he wanted he bought two of them.

You know, just in case.

Unfortunately, the second one broke after a drop this weekend. Now he’s asking me for recommendations on wireless or Bluetooth headphones. What would make a good pair of headphones for my dad?

Does he have an iPhone? If so AirPods might be the easiest thing to set up.

There’s not really any decent bluetooth options on the Android side. At least not any that would be easy for someone in their 60s.

I would say AirPods plus an AM/FM Radio app.

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What’s your dad going to be doing while wearing these? If he’s in a loud environment or needs some sort of noise cancelling/reduction AirPods aren’t going to be much help.

Also, is he looking for the over-ear kind of AM/FM headphones? I don’t think there are many consumer models left, but I found a pair manufactured by DeWalt. It looks like they go by “hearing protectors.”

That’s an interesting solution. They do kind of look like his old headphones!

He’s pretty bought into the Apple ecosystem, so I do think AirPods are probably the best bet for him though.

Thanks for all the feedback!

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