Help Picking Clippers for Our Goldendoodle

We’ve got a 2-year-old goldendoodle who has been in need of a haircut. My girlfriend had a pair of Andis clippers that she only used a handful of times. About halfway through the haircut the clippers started cutting out. About 3/4 of the way through they completely died.

I’m looking to purchase a new set of clippers for our dog. I’ve been looking through reddit and other dog owner forums for recommendations. Originally I was thinking I’d pickup a Wahl, but most seem to recommend the Andis AGC2.

Maybe the model we had was a lower-end one. Can anyone here vouch for Andis clippers or have another suggestion?

Realized, I never followed up here.

We ended up purchasing the Andis LCL cordless clippers. We went with the wireless model because our dog wasn’t a huge fan of haircuts and constantly relocated to try and avoid them.

The clippers have been great thus far. The battery life has lasted surprisingly long.