Hiking boots worth resoling?

I’ve got a pair of keen hiking boots, which I love. Unfortunately, the company says they can’t resole the boots, but someone local might be able to do it.

The uppers are in great shape and they are still waterproof. They are broken-in and comfortable. I’ve got my money’s worth with these boots, but I love them and feel like it might be worth it. Even if that only means a few more hikes.

What kind of price am I looking at? I’d rather not spend more than $100 on a resole.

It probably depends on where you live and how much the cobbler is paying in rent. I had a pair of $300 boots (not hiking) I liked resoled a couple years ago and paid about $100. Got a couple more years out of them.

What would you spend on a new pair of boots? If you like the boots and resoling them is less expensive, that’s probably the right decision.