How do I keep my white shoes white?

Curious how all you product-minded people out there keep your white shoes white? I’ve got a pair of white vans that I love. They are far from needing replacing, but they look beat up. Throwing them in the was doesn’t seem to help. At least not for the sole.

What do you guys do?


I think part of them is cleaning them as you go. I try to remember to take a wet paper towel and try and wipe them off every time I wear them. It happens sometimes.

Rubbing a bit of my nail polish remover on the shoes seems to get tougher marks out. I’d try and get the scuffs out with just water first though.

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I think you meant to say throwing them in the wash doesn’t seem to help.

Perhaps an Oxiclean Gel Stick or some other fabric pen could work here?

EDIT: Nevermind. It’s not the fabric part you’re concerned about.

This is what I try and do. Keep them clean when you can.

For tougher marks I use nail polish remover. Seems to work well enough.

Also, please remember to mark a solution, if any of these work. Thanks!

You’re right! Nail polish remover and a bit of elbow grease got the black marks off the sole. Thanks!