How long does it take for Warby Parker glasses to ship?

Looking at getting a new pair of glasses from Warby Parker. In the past I’ve always purchased glasses from my eye doctor. With coronavirus I’m not going to the doctor and I’m pretty fond of this pair of glasses.

Curious if anyone here has experience with them? How long does it usually. take for Warby Parker glasses to ship?

Are you asking how long it takes to prepare custom lenses or to actually receive the glasses?

In either case I’ve ordered a couple of pairs from them—I’m a big fan. Let me see if I can find the order emails.

Here’s how long it took from order to ship to arrival based on old emails from Warby Parker.

Ordered 8/21/2018
Shipped 8/23/2018 - 2 Days to Ship
Received 9/7/2018 - 16 Days to Arrive

Ordered 8/20/2013
Shipped 8/24/2013 - 3 Days to Ship
Received 9/4/2013 - 13 Days to Arrive

Basically, it only takes a couple days to ship and up to 2 weeks to arrive.

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I also own a pair.

That timelines lines up with what I remember. It is about two weeks from the time you order to the time it arrives.

FWIW, I think they are a little on the expensive side. I’ve purchased my last couple pairs from Zenni Optical they’ve been just as good for a quarter the price.

Then again, if you’re paying with insurance, cost probably doesn’t matter.


Yes, thanks. I was looking for how long they take to get here.

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