iRobot Roomba i3 Error 30 Persists

I purchased a Roomba i3 at the beginning of this year. It has been significantly better than the Eufy that it replaced. However the last few days I have been getting the Roomba Error 30—even after completing all the steps on iRobot’s support page.

I’ve emptied and cleaned the bin. I’ve cleaned out the filter. Do any other roomba owners know what is going on?

Sent a message to iRobot customer support. We’ll see what they say.

Hello, I purchased a Roomba i3 at the beginning of this year. It has been fantastic until yesterday when I started receiving error code 30.

I followed the directions on the app and cleaned the air filter. Today I started receiving the error repeatedly. I’ve cleaned the entire vacuum and still receive this error after it runs for a couple minutes. The air filter isn’t that dirty and it makes me think the vacuum may be defective.

Any directions on next steps would be appreciated.


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I’ve run the Roomba a few times. It does appear that there was an issue with the cleaning head module. The replacement that support sent me has appeared to fix the issue.

I’m no longer getting Error 30.

I used my irobot 3 one time and the error code 30 keeps coming up what can I do to fix this

I’ve just experienced the same issue. Thanks for your post. I had to fight for a replacement as it wasn’t offer, maintenance of the current broke one was instead. Have you had any issues since you’ve posted the resolve?

That’s interesting. They basically sent me a handful of checklist items to try—I had done most of them and still had the issue.

My i3 is actually running around right now. Have not had any issues since replacing the cleaning head.

Looks like I should have paid more attention- they sent you a replacement part, not robot. I did all the troubleshooting and we even got on the phone a little over a week ago. The conclusion was “ > I have investigated the situation and came to the conclusion that we cannot fix the issue with troubleshooting or a replacement part. However, the good news is-you don’t have to buy a new device at this point. Our warranty has a coverage of 12 months, and I see on your invoice that you are covered. We are offering to take your Roomba for a repair.”

Because of the conclusion I told them I wanted a refund (too later after 60 days) or I wanted a new unit. They are sending a new unit without the battery and without the bin. I guess if it lasts past the remaining 6 months of my warranty, I need to replace the same part you did.

Hey Guys, I’ve had my i3+ for more than 13 months, Today I’ve experienced the Error 30, I’ve tried all the trouble sheeting methods, none of them works, I’ve unscrewed most of the parts, and did a complete cleaning and vacuum it, still show up error 30, So I’ve called up Irobot support, all they told me to send it in for repair, it going to cost me $130CAD + Tax. If they cannot repair it, they will send me a refurbished i3. Seem like a lot of i3 had the same problem, My i7 has been running since 2019 Nov, everything works fine. Should I just purchase the replacement part and replace it myself or instead of send it in for repair?