LG OLED77CXPUA 77-inch CX 4K Smart OLED TV Sale

LG 77-inch CX 4K Smart OLED TV

The best deal on the largest OLED we've seen

This enormous, 77-inch OLED TV from LG is in a class of televisions that generally cost more than $5,000. This is an amazing purchase for anyone looking to build their own home theater.

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Both Amazon and BuyDig have an unbelievable deal on this 77-inch OLED television. LG is among the top screen manufacturers in the world (They produced Apple’s retina displays for years). Televisions in this class are usually geared towards people building home theaters. They often cost north of $5,000.

  • Discount also applies to the 65-inch and 55-inch models (although it’s not as steep).

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Currently, organic light-emitting diodes, OLEDs, are considered the leading screen technology. OLED screens produce much blacker blacks, wider color ranges and tend to use less energy than LEDs. They currently are in production for the highest-end of the television market.

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