List of Tracking and Spyware-Free Products

After seeing the Hacker News post about General Motors and the discussion here about iRobot, I thought I’d begin compiling a list of quality products that do not track customers.

I’m going to pin this list. It’s small for now, but hopefully it will grow with recommendations from others.

Air Purifiers

Robot Vacuums



I am not sure if I understand what you are asking for here. Aren’t there only a handful of appliances that connect to the internet? I know those $5,000 Samsung fridges do, but the majority of them do not.

Thinking of things that I have that ARE CONNECTED, that could probably don’t need the internet.

  • Withings Body Scale
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Samsung 4k Smart TV

I could get a scale, thermostat and television without the internet, but I specifically bought those things because they do have internet. The scale connects to my phone so I can see trends. I can turn the thermostat on when it is cold and I don’t want to get out of bed. My TV connects to the internet so we can stream our favorite shows from Hulu and Netflix.

I have a few suggestions about where to buy TVs that are not online.
In the modern era, the delineation between a TV and a computer monitor is almost entirely blurred. I’ve noticed that “TV” now just means a large-ish monitor with always-on “smart” streaming capability. Conversely, a “monitor” (not a TV) is a screen without any such functionality. If you go to any online retailer and search for computer monitors, you will find screens without any botnet in them. What I find extremely frustrating and worrying is the fact that NONE of these listings are any size above 43 inches, or OLED… And there only appears to be one that supports HDR.

Here’s a link to a link to Newegg for what I’m talking about, a handful of really big “monitors” that can suitably function as a TV:


Interesting! I had not considered using a monitor in place of a television. You’re right though, there aren’t that many TVs that ship without some sort of internet connectivity.

I am curious how many TVs work out of the box without connecting to the internet? Or will work without an ongoing connection? I suppose you could connect it for initial setup and then disconnect it afterwards. I’ll check and see if it is possible to disconnect my VIZIO when I get home.

Appreciate the comment!