Looking for a good step ladder for high ceilings

I’ve been putting off buying a step ladder since I moved into my new place a few months ago. To be honest, I have no idea where I can store one. I knew that the second a lightbulb went out I was going to have to make a purchase. That day was today.

I’m about 5’10" and think I need a ladder that gets me about 4’ to comfortably change lightbulbs (and maybe replace my smoke detector). The Wirecutter’s recommendation, the Gorilla GLF-5X Ladder, looks like a solid pick. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be in stock anymore.

The other available options look bigger—and more difficult to store—than I’d like. Really just need a step ladder to help me deal with the high ceilings in my condo.

Recommendations needed!

Is this the same product?


It looks just like the one The Wirecutter recommended, but made out of Aluminum instead of fiber glass. Could be a good alternative—unless you’re doing electrical work.

The flip-out tool tray and larger steps are pretty cool.

It looks similar, but I think that one is shorter than the recommended one. This is the same model, but a foot taller.


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Yep, after seeing @alexw’s comment I looked around and decided to go with the taller ladder. The reviews say it folds up to be about 3-to-4-inches thick, which should make it easy enough to store in my closet. We’ll see.

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Now that I’ve finished replacing lightbulbs and my smoke detector I thought I’d leave a follow-up comment about the ladder that I bought. In short, I’m very impressed with it. So much so that my comment was comprehensive enough to turn into a topic of it’s own.

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