Looking for a Handheld Clothing Steamer

I’m trying to avoid purchasing an iron and ironing board at all costs. I hate ironing and don’t really have a spot for an ironing board. I’m hoping a small hand-held steamer might do a good enough job. Here are the two models I’m considering:

These are the two handhelds that The Wirecutter recommends. I couldn’t find anything about handheld steamers on Consumer Reports. Is there another model I should be considering?

Diving into the Amazon reviews of both products, I’m less certain about what to purchase—especially about the Sunbeam steamer. There’s a significant number of reviews cursing The Wirecutter and saying the machine spit water, left stains or stopped working all-together.

From the looks of it the Conair Turbo Extreme Steam CNRGS59 looks like it might be a better option.

It has few negative reviews and the ones that are there are about the wrong package arriving or the steam not being as strong as expected. It’s on sale right now and priced similarly to the Sunbeam and other Conair Extreme Steam.

Decided to go with the Conair Turbo Extreme Steam CNRGS59. We’ll see how it works out.