Matte Black Timex Weekender Chronograph 40mm

What is it?

Timex Weekender Chronograph 40mm with a cream face, matte black exterior and tan leather strap.

What’s interesting about it?

The Timex Weekender is one of my favorite watches. Many watches can be difficult to read, but the Weekender line are among the most legible. This version has the same mechanism, which has a notably loud tick, but includes a chronograph and a 40mm body.

The contrast of the tan leather band and matte black exterior are what caught my attention about this specific model. There’s also a blue version that’s pretty nice.

Where can I find it?

Currently the matte black and cream version is available on Amazon. There are also several other versions of the 40mm chronograph available.


Purdy. Any details on the leather quality? It’s a NATO band, so it is probably pretty thin. The black exterior would also probably work well with a brighter band, which is something a bit different. Maybe something like this?

I am sure that it’s thin, but am not sure that thickness necessarily equates to quality.