Nespresso Vertuo Next Sale (Aeroccino Milk Frother Included)

Vertuo Next

Nespresso's latest coffee and expresso machine

Part of Nespresso's Vertuo Line, the Vertuo Next makes creamy espresso and coffee drinks. It is a perfect option for people that want a lot of options, but have limited counter space.

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Bed Bath and Beyond is having a sale on the Nespresso Vertuo Next. This is part of the bundle that includes the Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother—and is the best deal we’ve seen on this bundle

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I’m a huge fan of the Nespresso Vertuo Line. I use my Vertuo Evoluo daily and it has been fantastic. We don’t yet have a review of the Vertuo Next, but we do have reviews of the Citiz and Essenza Mini, if you’d like to compare.

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