Opinions on IQAir air purifiers?

Looking for some information on air purifiers. A co-worker mentioned that they have an IQAir air purifier and that it is a lifesaver for pollen, pets, odors and everything else.

IQAir comes up on only a few reddit threads and the wirecutter had little to say about it.

The IQAir HealthPro Plus is a very highly regarded purifier, with great reviews from Allergy Buyers Club and Air Purifier Power. However, it’s also much more expensive than all our picks.

Does anyone here have experience with them? Also, there is an air filter startup called molecule that has a product in a similar price range. Thoughts on that?

Is there particular criteria you have? It sounds like The Wirecutter staff thinks it’s a quality product, just that the IQ Air is expensive.

I would be a bit skeptical of Molekule for now. I don’t have direct experience with the product, but collected some opinions from elsewhere on the internet.

That thread also has a couple of alternative recommendations. If you don’t need a charcoal filter for VOCs, I’m a big fan of the Coway lineup. You might consider checking out the full review of the Airmega 300.

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I don’t have experience with the IQ Air lineup. They seem rather pricey to me.

My wife has allergies. We purchased a Coway Mighty for our bedroom and it has seemed to help.