Peak Design Everyday Backpack V1 Sale

Everyday Backpack V1 (20L)

An exceptional backpack with photographers in mind

This backpack is perfect whether you're a professional photographer or just want something better for your commute.

Everyday Backpack V1 (30L)

A slightly larger backpack from Peak Design

If you tend to carry around a lot of gear, this back has more space with the same great build quality.

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Peak Design is having a sale on backpacks. The deal is available on Amazon or at

  • V1 Bags are 40% off
  • V2 Bags are 20% off
  • All gear has a lifetime warranty

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Peak Design is known for their quality backpacks for photographers, although most of those great features translate well into an everyday backpack.

This is about as low of a price as I’ve seen the V1 backpacks. I am very tempted—seems like an exceptional deal for a product with a lifetime warranty.

If you’re curious what the differences are between the V1 and V2 bags are this link might help. I also found this thread on reddit.

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Tempting. I think my v1 bag is holding up well enough though.