Pixel stand turns on my hotspot at night and not charging

My Pixel 3 is getting the hot spot turned on at night. This is second time it has done this.

This seems incredibly odd to me. Maybe there’s an Android developer here, but I don’t think the Pixel Stand would have access to turn the hotspot on via API.

@Sam is this something in your wheelhouse?

Not for other than that I own a Pixel 3 and Pixel Stand. I mostly design web software.

@Candyane87 Could you accidentally be turning the Hotspot on?

If that isn’t the case, why don’t you change the password on your hotspot? That way your computer, xbox or other devices won’t automatically start downloading things via your phone.

This morning my phone had not charged. It was at 40% when I woke up

Hmmm, so the Hot Spot is turning on and the phone isn’t charging?

I wish I help you resolve this issue, but the Pixel Stand hardware may just be defective.

I’d reach out to Google support to exchange the stand.