Pixel USB-C Headphones or Something Else?

I recently went to go visit a friend in Kentucky and left my Pixel USB-C Headphones there. My friend keeps telling me that he’ll ship them, but I’m skeptical. He’s busy and just forgets.

What’s the status of cheap USB-C headphones these days? I would love something Like the Panasonic EgroFit for USB-C.

Is there something worth considering or should I just purchase another $30 pair of Google’s USB-C headphones?

What do you use these headphones for? It would probably be easier to make a recommendation knowing if these are work, workout or everyday headphones.

I probably should have been a bit more specific. These are my everyday headphones—I mostly use them listening to audiobooks and podcasts walking to and from work.

I took another look at the options in this category. Most cases point to a dongle for traditional headphone jacks.

At $30, it looks like Google’s Pixel USB-C buds are the best value right now.

Bumping because my Pixel USB-C Headphones are starting to fail. What’s the best cheap option? Maybe these?

I’m tempted to buy the Jabra 75t earbuds, but want to wait see what the new Pixel Buds will look like in the spring.

No idea if they’re any good, but how about these headphones? They are on sale right now. Hopefully they can last a couple months.

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Good find! Those are the only USB-C headphone I’ve seen under $10. At that price they are worth a shot.