Product Dork for iOS

How to add Product Dork to your iPhone or iPad

  1. Visit in your web browser and open the sharing menu in Safari.

  2. Once the browser menu is open, select Add to Home screen

  3. When prompted you will see the Product Dork icon. Select Add .

  4. You should now find Product Dork among the other apps on your iPhone or iPad.

Quality collection of games there—well except for what I assume is fantasy football. :wink:

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Ha! There are some good ones there.

FTL (Faster Than Light) is an all-time favorite. The mechanics of the game seem so simple, but I get sucked in every time I start playing. I own it on my iPad as well as my computer. I’d buy it again for my Android if that was an option.

Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic is RCT and RCT2 rolled into a single app. It’s the exact same as those originals. I also own it on all my devices. The one on my phone is perfect for long flights.

Mini Metro is a fun puzzle like game where you design subway lines and have to bring shapes to stations. I enjoy it, but really haven’t played it that much sense I purchased it.

Train Valley is strictly a puzzle game. Not a lot of strategy. It’s OK. I just felt the need for another game with trains. Probably getting uninstalled soon.

Fantasy—and yes, where I manage my poor fantasy football team.

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