Recreating Annabell Kutucu's No Ordinary Apartment

When I think about monochrome interiors, I think about the high-contrast all white and black rooms you see on Pinterest. The places are always unrealistically bright and have white floors.

This Vienna apartment by designer Annabell Kutucu is certainly monochrome, but has an entirely different feel. Instead of the stark contrast and lack of color a combination of grays and browns are mixed in.

I am also impressed by the different textures used in the design. Wood tables with an imperfect finish, old midcentury furniture and carpets provide a lot of character.

I love the contrast of the matte black track lights against the white ceiling. The blinds show a realistic amount of light being let into the apartment. It’s nice to see something more realistic than the ultra-bright rooms on Instagram and Pinterest.

A shot from the living room peeking into the bedroom. I love all the textures in this shot—the coffee table, rug and couch.

The plant in the corner is a nice touch of color.

I like that this place doesn’t have a white floor. White floors are impossible to keep clean and aren’t realistic for most people. This floor is just a natural color that has been polished.

The artwork itself doesn’t do it for me, but think the beige background colors along with the wood furniture provide a nice bit of variation from the grays and blacks.

The bedroom has a more grey vibe with the linens and curtains.

The floating slab for the desk is interesting, but that chair looks awful to sit in for long periods of time. Whoever lives here obviously does not spend a lot of time working at a desk.

The bathroom is a nice contrast to the rest of the place. Darker gray walls and what looks like a light gray floor. I like the inversion in colors here.

I know this shot is staged, but I find the closet of all black t-shirts hilarious.