Recreating the Oslo Instagram Story Filter

Off-topic, but I’ve found that I use Instagram’s Oslo filter a significant amount—even with photos that I have edited. I was hoping someone with a better eye for photography could tell me what the Oslo filter is doing to the photo. My guess is:

  • Luminescence is being pushed—possibly more with highlights
  • A bit of warmth is being added
  • A lot of sharpness

I’ve looked all over the internet—reddit, dpreview and various other photography forums. I’ve seen absolutely nothing about the filter. I’d really love for someone to give me specs (+30 highlights, +5 warmth, etc…) so I could recreate it in Lightroom / Capture One / Snapseed.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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I would also love the answer to this! Just from searching I’ve found a bunch of people breaking down Instagram’s post filters, but nothing about the story filters.

Oslo, Melbourne and Jakarta are almost exclusively the filters I use. It would be awesome to have some insight on how to recreate those in Lightroom mobile!

I am also very interested in knowing this. Have you figured anything out?


Shea, I haven’t figured this out yet. It also seems interesting to me that there are so few conversations about story filters. Maybe most people don’t realize that they exist? Applying them is different than traditional Instagram filters.

For what it’s worth I generally try the above with my photos in Snapseed. Here’s a bit more detail about what I do.

  • Auto white balance—My Moto G isn’t always the best with color accuracy.
  • Boost warmth a bit. Depends on the photo though.
  • Curves, Luminescence. I generally bum everything, but the highlights slightly more
  • Curves, RGB—push the highlights slightly, drop the shadows
  • Structure—push slightly
  • Sharpness— push a good bit

I’m pretty sure the filter does something very similar. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good way to gauge how much these are changing.

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Hello! I would also love to remake the oslo stort filter! :slight_smile: any progress on this?

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I’m also interested in the Melbourne and Paris filters, does anyone has any idea how to recreate that? Thanks!