Reliable places to buy used Herman Miller or Steelcase chairs?

Hey All,

Our company is encouraging us to work from home starting next week. Considering this may be a longer change, I’m looking for places to buy used or refurbished chairs. Preferably a service that provides delivery (i.e. not Craigslist or Letgo).

I was looking at a Herman Miller Aeron, but after reading The Wirecutter’s reviews on the best office chairs, I’m considering a Seelcase Gesture if I can find a good deal on it. Any thoughts?

Is there an Office Liquidators near you? If so I’d pay them a visit. Most companies sell office furniture incredibly cheap, because they don’t want to pay for disposal.

If you want a decent chair, with an excellent price and warranty I have an IKEA Markus—the black leather one. It doesn’t have a lot of adjustment options, but it works well for me. I understand wanting something better though.

Also, I changed the category to #recommendations.

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As @Sam said an Office Liquidators, is probably your best bet. Even a used chair is going to cost you a few hundred bucks. Plus then you can see it in person.

There’s also Madison Seating. They don’t have the Gesture (Is that a newer model?), but they do have several Steelcase Leaps.