Simple Salt and Pepper Grinders

I’ve just realized that I’ve been spending a fortune on those single-use salt and pepper grinders. They cost around $6 each when an equivalent refill costs about $1. With that said I’m looking for a pair of salt and pepper grinders with the following attributes:

  • Minimal
  • Separate (I don’t want a combined grinder)
  • Variable settings (for grind size)


Absolutely, 100% has to be a Peugeot mill. There is no other right answer.

Just looking around online, it looks like the Peugeot ones are pretty highly recommended.

And for anyone looking for a pepper mill. The Peugeot ones are on sale right now.

We have these ones:

OXO Good Grips Accent Mess Free Pepper Grinder, Black Stainless Steel

Good Grips Pepper Grinder

by OXO

We’ve had them for several years now and they’ve held up really well. The size adjustment works well and you turn them over to grind, which is a nifty feature because it means they don’t leak pepper dust.

Not as beautiful as the Peugeot ones, I’ll admit, but we love them.


Forgot to post back here. I ended up ordering this oxo grinder.

I’m sure the Peugeot one is great, but I like the sleeker look.

Appreciate the recommendations!

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I’ve got one of these pepper mills and it has worked well (There’s also a lighter color I use for salt). It’s definitely an improvement over the plastic ones that you buy at the grocery store. It’s really aromatic. You can smell the pepper as you grind it. I also like the modern lines. It’s more interesting-looking than the traditional pepper grinder.