Solid Retractable Leashes?

We’ve lost our dogs retractable leash and am looking on a replacement. The Wirecutter recommends the Flexi Neon, but I’m not crazy about the super-bright aesthetics. I’m also a little concerned about the durability.

The Flexi New Neon’s button is small and thin, and I had some trouble getting the hang of how to lock it and unlock it: It has to be pushed down and forward in two separate motions, and unlocking requires pushing it down and then backward, also in two distinct movements. It wasn’t smooth and easy for me, and I had to think about it every time I wanted to lock or unlock the leash.

I’m curious if any pet owners here have a recommendation?

Before anyone says anything—I know there’s a bit of a stigma around retractable leashes. We mostly use it when we’re on long walks or going hiking.

For the record I did end up purchasing a Flexi retractable leash. It as a basic black one, not the neon leash.