Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit $399 (Usually $599)


Solo Stove Yukon

A large, smoke-free fire pit

This is the largest version of the top-rated Solo Stove fire pits. The design manages airflow to keep your fire hot, centered and smoke-free.

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Solo Stove has an excellent deal on it’s largest fire-pit, the Yukon. It’s double-walled design creates an airflow that makes fires easy to start, keeps embers hot, centered and—most importantly—smoke-free. Even though the camp fire won’t ship until December, this is an excellent deal.

  • Discount also applies to the smaller models—Bonfire and Ranger
  • Ships mid-December

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As mentioned before, it’s double-wall design helps manage airflow and keep the fire smoke-free. The construction is durable. If you like the aesthetic, this is an excellent purchase.


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