Target Down Alternative Pillows: Solid, Affordable, Will Start Disintegrating

I purchased a pair of firm Fieldcrest Down Alternative Pillows from Target on Black Friday. They cost about $20 per pillow (I did get them for $12) and have been a solid value. However, I’ve recently noticed that they’ve shrunk a good bit. After a decent amount of use I’d expect any pillow to shrink, but it has shrunk more than I’d like.

This was a bit of an experiment. Target’s down alternative is a fine pillow and a good value, but now I’m considering replacing it. But with what?

Many of the recommendations in The Wirecutter’s Best Bed Pillows Guide had poor reviews elsewhere. It’s a bit odd considering most of The Wirecutter’s reviews are spot on. The Snowe Down Pillow appears to be the only one without concerning reviews on that list. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty expensive.