Target's Goodfellow & Co has some cool watches

The other day I was walking around target and a watch caught my eye. It was this Strap Watch from Target’s Goodfellow & Co brand.

I should have taken a picture while I was in the store. This one from the internet doesn’t do a lot of good.

There are some things I really like about this watch:

  • Metal construction feels solid
  • Black watch on black chronograph
  • I like the black on tan color combo

The only thing I’m not a fan of is the band—it’s faux leather and looks like it.

There were some other interesting watches. This Rubberized version of the strap watch without the chronograph. And this Aviator version. I like the tan on tan as well.

Interesting. I didn’t realize that Goodfellow had watches as well. I like the watch face of the one you posted, but you’re right about the band. Even in the photo it’s obviously fake.

If you really love the watch, you could could replace the band. This one on Amazon is tan leather and appears to be pretty affordable. All you need is a spring bar kit to replace it.

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