The Atlas of Brutalist Architecture

There’s more about it with a short video on the publisher’s site. Also here’s a quick excerpt.

878 Buildings, 798 Architects, 102 Countries, 9 World Regions, 1 Style BRUTALISM

Presented in an oversized format with a specially bound case with three-dimensional finishes, 1000 beautiful duotone photographs throughout bring the graphic strength, emotional power, and compelling architectural presence of Brutalism to life.

Thought this was cool. Although I’m not crazy about the $100 price tag.


As someone who almost became an architect, this book looks fascinating! The $100 price tag is more than I can justify—well, that and that I already have a bunch of coffee table books.

Edit: For anyone interested—I was curious about this book and looked up it’s price history on CamelCamelCamel. It looks like $100 is about as low as this goes! It’s originally $150 and used versions go for about $120.