The Rebel Real: an attempt to design a new mouse

I saw this post on Hacker News and though it might be suiting here. Ive added a few ket details below, but click through for images. The mouse looks pretty wild.

Their goal was to design a new mouse which helps eliminate some of the physical issues associated with using a PC mouse for extended periods time at work or play. Common issues associated with extended usage range from arthritis in the fingers, Carpal Tunnel of the wrist, and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) of the neck and shoulder even headaches can be attributed to extended mouse usage.

To accomplish this, the team at QuadraClicks Gaming took a differing approach to hand placement and how you interact with the main buttons of the mouse. The main buttons on the RBT “Rabbit” have been moved up more to the top of the mouse like ears as the creators describe them. This does give the RBT a very unconventional appearance, but the idea was to take the pressure off the fingers tips and distribute it along the length of the finger. This approach also changes the muscle groups which are used, moving them away from the hand and into the arm. According to the QuadraClicks crew, this should eliminate RSI related to mouse usage and also improve accuracy and reduce reaction time.