Thermacell Radius Zone 2.0 Mosquito Repellent Sale

Thermacell Zone Radius 2.0

The best area mosquito repellant

Gen 2.0 of the popular pest repellant. Silent, rechargeable, cartridges last up to 40 hours. Keeps bugs away within a 15-foot radius,

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Amazon currently has the Thermacell Zone Radius Gen 2.0 on sale right now. According to Honey, this is an all-time-low price.

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I wrote a good bit about this Thermacell in our list of car camping essentials. I’m a big fan. You can read more in that review, but here are the highlights:

  • Provides solid bug protection for a 15-foot radius.

  • Takes about 15-20 minutes to heat up and become effective.

  • Not effective in anything more than a moderate breeze.

  • Perfect for campsites or any outdoor place you’ll be a while.

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