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Ticket to Ride

An excellent board game for beginners

A simple, enjoyable game where players race to build the most valuable train routes across North America.

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Both Walmart and Amazon have a Ticket to Ride on Sale. According to WikiBuy, this is near all-time low at both retailers. I’ve been waiting for this game to go on sale for a while and this is the best price in over a year.

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  • Players collect train cards that allow them to claim railway routes. When building routes the cards must match the same color. The longer the route is the more points players earn. The player with the longest continuous route also gets additional points.

  • Board Game Geek puts rates Ticket to Ride 1.86/5 on complexity.

  • Games take 30-60 minutes. The game works for 2-5 players.

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Man, there are a bunch of board games on sale right now. If you want something a little different Ticket to Ride: New York is also on sale. It’s the same concept, but instead of connecting train lines, you’re trying to connect bus and cab routes.