Timex + Todd Snyder Blackjack Watch 40mm $69 (Usually $138)

Was on reddit this morning and stumbled across this post about this Timex + Todd Snyder collaboration. It’s an interesting-looking time piece. Probably for people that are a little more fashion-forward than me. Here’s what the site says about the watch.

Stealthy and sophisticated, the new Blackjack Watch from Todd Snyder and Timex is inspired by a sporty 1970s style from the Timex archives, updated in a modern blackout palette seated in a 40mm case. This edgy timepiece – the latest in an ongoing collaboration between the celebrated menswear designer and the iconic American watch brand – is an homage to the stylish drivers of Formula One in the 1960s and 70s. Nodding to speed dials and roulette wheels, the Blackjack evokes the noir glamour of fast cars, hot tires and midcentury Monaco casinos – all in a sleek New York style.


My guess is this is the same quarts movement as the Timex Weekender. If the loudness of that watch bugs you, maybe looks elsewhere.

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That watch isn’t really for me either, but there are some other interesting watches in the Todd Snyder + Timex collection. They aren’t on sale, but they are cool.


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