USB-A to USB-C for the Pixel 3

Not too long ago I purchased an Away bag. It’s a fantastic piece of luggage that comes with a built in battery pack.

I have one minor issue though. The battery has a USB-A port and my Google Pixel 3 is USB-C. Given the variants, I was curious if anyone could recommend a good USB-A to USB-C cable?

Definitely be careful about buying usb cables. If the cables aren’t up to spec could damage your phone or battery. I seem to recall that there was a Google engineer that ordered and tested a ton of the usb cables on Amazon.

Maybe I can find a link to his reviews.

For whatever reason it appears his Benson Leung’s reviews are no longer available. However the Internet Archive has saved some of them.

Even better though. I found a spreadsheet with his recommendations. It’s also an internet archive sheet, but it looks like most of product links are still valid. You just have to remove the internet archive part of the URL.

Ah, interesting document. It looks like the Amazon Basics USB-A to USB-C cable is pretty high on that list. Probably going to go ahead and buy that one. I need to order it tonight to have it in time for my trip.

There’s an updated version of this spreadsheet. It’s no longer maintained by the same google engineer, but it has a lot of details.

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