Visible has terrible data speeds in the suburbs

Almost a month ago I mentioned that I was switching from Google Fi to Visible as my carrier. I am starting to have some hesitations about that decision.

Here are the internet speed test results when I first got Visible for my iPhone 12 Pro.

Server: New York
Latency 48ms
Download: 147.9mbps
Upload: 39.2mbps

Pretty fast, huh? Well, that is in Midtown Atlanta. Last weekend someone rear-ended my girlfriend at a stop sign near Acworth, which is about 45 minutes away. We were trying to find what body shops and rental car places were open. I had no data service. When I tried a speed test, I got a network error.

After about 30 minutes of fighting I was able to get enough data for a reading—a dreadful 0.12mbps

Server: Denver
Latency: N/A
Download: 147.9mbps
Upload: 39.2mbps

I don’t know what the cause for this service outage was, but it was absolutely horrible timing. I was pretty set on switching to Verizon’s 5GB Shared Data plan. However, I received a push notification from Visible about a service outage for customers a day or two later. Visible said restarting your phone should resolve the issue.

I’m going to give Visible another chance here and that the service outage was a coincidence. If this happens again, I’m going with another service though. It is unacceptable.