Warby Parker no Longer Ships Glasses with Hard Case

Just ordered a new pair of glasses from Warby Parker. Oddly, when I was going through the checkout process they asked if I wanted to add a case with my purchase. The last time I ordered, the glasses came with a hard case included.

Anyways you do get a case, but it is a lot flimsier than the previous case that Warby Parker shipped with glasses. You can see for yourself in the picture above. The white case is from my pair of glasses I purchased about three years ago. The navy case is from my recent purchase and doesn’t seem to be as solid.

Is that not just a different style hard case?

I recently purchased new glasses as well and they sent me the same case. It’s not one of those soft Lenscrafters cases. It is pretty rigid—there’s not a lot you can bend including the cover, which uses a magnet to snap into place.

If this is the case you’re talking about, I don’t think the one it ships with is that different.

It may not be as bulletproof a glasses case as the older one, but it is definitely a hard case.


It is better than an eyeglass case you’d get when purchasing glasses in store. I just feel like it’s not up to par with the rock solid cases they used to have.

The magnet is a nice touch though.

Wait, so is the warby parker glasses case that you linked the one that ships with a new pair of glasses? The Parker Case?

Sorry for the late reply. No, I that case is slightly different. From the picture in the original post, the navy one is the new case.

If you’re just looking for one of those triangle cases, there are always reasonably priced glasses cases on Amazon.

I bought this one about a year ago and it’s hold up well.

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I opted for the parker case in walnut.

I like the look. Plus, it only costs $5 more and the finish looked significantly better in the photos than the amazon one.