Welcome to Product Notes!

Product Notes is a community of people that care about things they buy. If you're looking for a recommendation, have a product question or just want to browse cool products, you're in the right place.

This started as a review blog in late 2016. It was mostly me obsessing over product details. Over time it has evolved into a small, but vocal community—it’s been fascinating to watch. Product Notes is kind of like The Wirecutter, r/BuyItForLife, SlickDeals and Uncrate combined into one.

There are a few sections to this site:

  • #reviews - Where I generally post notes about things I’ve purchased
  • #recommendations - Seek product recommendations from the community
  • #deals - Discounts that either I or other members have discovered
  • #questions - Ask or answer questions
  • #lists - An aggregation of products
  • #finds - Cool things
  • #general - Everything else!

If you have any questions about Product Notes itself, feel free to ask it in #meta. If you represent a store, brand or manufacturer and want me to review your product, send me a DM.

That’s it. I look forward to chatting!