What hand creams or lotions do you recommend?

From my understanding washing hands frequently and thoroughly is about the best thing everyone can do to prevent catching COVID-19. I’ve been taking that advice, but washing my hands several times a day has taken a toll on my hands.

I’m curious what hand creams or lotions do you use? Are there any, in particular that you recommend? I’ve mostly been using my Cetaphil lotion, but it has been inadequate.

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It has been happening to me as well—lotion doesn’t seem to be cutting it.

The Wirecutter recommends these hand creams:

My girlfriend is a pediatric OT and is constantly washing her hands. I think she has a prescription from her dermatologist for the hand cream she uses, but I’ll ask what it is.

EDIT: She uses with Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream with Tetrix Cream on top. Apparently, Tetrix keeps it on for about 15 washes.

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Most of the people in my practice use Tetrix as well.

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