What workout app do you use?

Looking for suggestions here. Ideally something that will let me create alternating workouts and keep track of the reps and amount of weight I love. I’m on iOS FWIW.

Not on iOS, but I’ve been using StrongLifts 5x5 with the added power pack for about 2 years. The app focuses on the StrongLifts 5x5 workout, which is heavily based on the Starting Strength workout:

Workout A

  • 5x5 Squat
  • 5x5 Bench
  • 5x5 Row

Workout B

  • 5x5 Squat
  • 5x5 Overhead Press
  • 5x5 Deadlift

It’s a really good program for beginners and will get just anybody following the program to squatting at least 1.5x their weight. It is particularly good for those starting with compound lifts.

As I mentioned I purchased the power pack a couple of years ago. The power pack has some features like plate calculator, warmups and data backups. The feature I used most is the custom exercises—I’ve tweaked my workout enough where it doesn’t really look like the StrongLifts program anymore.

The unfortunate news is that power pack is no longer available. The pricing model for the app has changed to a subscription called StrongLifts pro.

It is a bit unfortunate. I would have absolutely recommended StrongLifts with one-time power pack purchase. Now, it simply seems too expensive. If money isn’t an issue, it still may be worth trying.

Honestly, I’m not sure the StrongLifts power pack is really even necessary. I used it on recommendation from a friend and went through the StrongLifts 5x5 program with the base app.

The plate calculator is nice, but really doesn’t add much. It’s just basic math. Likewise it’s easy enough to decide to do 3x5s or 1x5s and just not count the extra reps.

I ended up paying for the power pack as a nice way to say thanks to the creator. However, I don’t think the app provides enough value for a subscription service. From what I’ve seen there really isn’t anything new being added.

Changing the category of this post from Questions to General Discussion. I think it’s too subjective for there to be a clear answer.

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