What's the best candle brand on Amazon for under $20?

The candle I usually get is the Signature Soy Cedar from Target. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it in store recently and Target’s website says that it’s no longer being carried.

I figured Amazon might have some good options. What’s the best candle brand on Amazon for under $20? My preference is towards woody candles. Would love any scent recommendations as well.

They aren’t exclusive to Amazon, but I’m a fan of Meyers Clean Day candles. The brand as a whole has some quality products. Looks like you can get two 7oz candles for under $20 right now.

Forget buying candles on Amazon. If you’re looking for some quality candles at a good price, you’ve got to explore Etsy!

Quality can vary a bit, but I’ve bought a few candles from this maker. They’ve all been great.


Candle update: Village Candle’s Balsam Fir seems like a solid alternative. I would say the scent is more like pine than cedar, but it appears to be a solid choice.