What's the best smartwatch/activity tracker?

Looking for something to track runs/various exercise, monitor heart rate, sleep cycles, and provide a convenient way to reply to text messages more quickly. Thoughts on any of the Apple series watches, Fitbits, or Garmin watches?

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I’m not super-knowledgeable about specific smartwatches, GPS watches and activity monitors. But I do know that there’s a significant price difference in price between them.

What is the primary reason you’re making this purchase?

If you want to be able to interact with notifications and do everything, I think that the Apple Watch is really the best option—that does take into consideration that you have an iPhone. I have a Moto G with Android and there really aren’t any good high-end Android watch solutions.

If you’re less concerned about interacting with notifications and just want to see when you get new ones it may be worth checking out something like the Garmin Vivosmart.

I don’t think you’d need a GPS running watch unless you want to track specific routes are keep a ton of activity-related data. It could be useful if you are a serious cyclist or runner though. The Wirecutter updated their a reviews of various ones in June.

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If you’re interested in GPS watches Withings just released their Steel HR Sport—It might be worth considering.

Discussion about the release here:

FWIW, a good friend of mine highly recommends the Withings Steel HR for tracking things.

Although he’s an android user and the smartwatch has messaging feature.

It also looks like Withings is coming out with an ECG watch that has a 1-year battery life. Not sure how much that will cost though.

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