What's Your Coffee Routine?

People here usually have interesting opinions. I’m curious what everyone’s coffee setup routine looks like. Some questions:

  • Are you specific about the beans you buy?
  • Do you grind your own beans?
  • Drip, pour-over, espresso or something else?

How do you make coffee?

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I’m not specific about the beans I buy. Usually find something interesting from the international grocery store. Right now it’s Organic Ethiopian Harrar.

I burr grind beans to a medium-fine grind. Then I load up the Aeropress and add 195 degree water. Dilute result with hot water to make an Americano, black, no cream, no sugar.

Honestly, I’m a coffee fiend. I love it every way. My home setup is pretty simple.

  1. An old Mr. Coffee electric grinder.
  2. Chemex pour over with the #4 paper filter.
  3. Beans from Trader Joe’s. I’m fond of the Columbia Supremo Medium Roast.

At work it’s a bit different. We have a fancy coffee machine that makes a variety of drinks. It’s OK for free. I prefer going across the street to Starbucks though.

Great idea to start this thread!

My home coffee routine:

We have a very fancy grinder and espresso machine at work. I’m less knowledgable about he specific models so forgive me.

  • Beans vary based on what others bring in
  • Very expensive Baratza grinder
  • Rocket espresso machine—I usually add a bit of water and make an Americano

Also, I did change this topic from the Questions to General Discussion, because I don’t think there is a definitive answer to what makes a great coffee routine.

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We have a Krups drip coffee maker at home.

I frequent Starbucks most weekday mornings. So we usually buy their beans :flushed:

Ah, that makes sense. There’s no right answer about coffee :slight_smile:

I’ve done several years of french press.

Mixed it up a bit recently and have found myself doing more and more pour over coffee. I use a Chemex. I measure the water temp every time, and i start pouring when its under 205F.

I take it black. No milk, cream or sugar.

Typically I get beans from Aldi. Donut store blend or breakfast blend. I’ve got an old hand crank grinder that I use.

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